Chapter 1:

Jexa's wings worked to bring her to the tree. She was fighting the wind, and on any normal day, she would have given up and gone in the opposite direction. But today wasn't a normal day. Today was her seventeenth birthday, the day that should would have celebrated with her family. She hadn't celebrated many birthdays in her life, because the owners of the ugly building nestled on the coast of the island had stolen her family from her.

Every year on her birthday, she would fly to this same tree and sing herself "Happy Birthday" silently in her head. She knew her family was in there. She knew, somehow, that they probably weren't alive. It wasn't lack of hope that gave her this knowledge. Just an innate emptiness that told her she was alone.

The giant purple letters of COFAR stared back at her as Jexa transformed into her Human form. She remained perched on branch of the tree and just stared at the building, two tears falling from her eyes; one for her mother, and one for her father.

Toka lifted his head wearily. Ten years he had been in this Hell-hole, and he couldn't have felt any older if he were 150. He shifted his legs, dropping his carapace to the floor as he continued to look around.

He had seen only glimpses of the inside of the compound, but what he saw, he knew he didn't like. The COFAR Humans felt it necessary to poke and probe the Shifters they held captive, frequently using derogatory words, like "freak" and "monster". Toka hated it here. They rarely bothered him because of his reclusive nature, but when they did, he hated it all the more.

Thus far, Toka had been stuck with needles, had blood drawn and injections given, and been forced into transformation with Electro-magnetic shockwaves. It was painful. It was annoying. And it made Toka lose even more hope that he would ever feel the warm sand of the beach again.

"I suppose that's just the way of it," he mumbled. "I'll die here, and never see the free skies again." He said it more to convince himself, to allow himself to accept his fate, but he didn't like it one bit.
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A day can change, a year can create, and a century can destroy.

For a century mankind experimented and tested the limits of Mother Nature. The problems that created a rift between races and religions were no more. The world was now divided between those who lived in the domed, high-tech cities and those who lived with the degrading world that was left around the cities.

Those who lived in the cities were protected from the brutal sun and harsh winters. They continued to use their fancy hover-cars and their high-tech gadgets that now had nothing to tie them down to the degrading world that they had created. If the world died then and there, they, at least would be safe.

The rest of the people who couldn't afford to live in the high-tech world had taken to wandering the Earth, hoping to find someplace that would shelter them. Many died. Others adapted. They began to develop certain traits, ones that made them more beast then man. For it was the beasts that survived outside the crystal domes.

Not far off the coast of Tokyo, one of the largest high-tech cities around and also the one established and inhabited by the founders of Collectors of Freaks and Rarities, was a small unnamed island. There had been a major discovery only days before. The island was inhabited by shape-shifting humanoids. They had once been humans, but somehow they had gained the ability to morph into animals.

People swarmed to the island, capturing and collecting what they now called the Shifters. With little warning the members of this small colony were captured and shipped off to city zoos and labs. In the midst of all the commotion was COFAR.
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(no subject)

RP Line-up
living_phoenix as Jexa Pandin
x_soriku as Ritsi
ookami13 as Moriko
living_phoenix as Toka
ookami13 as Moriko
x_soriku as Namiki Arouta

RP Progression
living pho3nix: okay, just to clear one thing up: when people start commenting, do they have to interact with each other in the comments, or can/do the comments sort of hop points of view?
x Give Her Wings: well that's another thing i needed help on deciding =P Cause if we do the first, we'd have to start from the point where they all meet up, and by then it'd be really far into the plot. And it might get choppy if we do the second.. but i think i'd rather have choppy then missing half a plot.
living pho3nix: right.
living pho3nix: but if we start halfway through the plot, we could do a sort of flash-back series. Each chapter could be a flashback, and the comments to that could be what each character was doing in the flashback
x Give Her Wings: mm good point.. but wouldn't that be the exact same thing as starting with where everyone is? lol
living pho3nix: I mean, if we start where everyone is already, and just go with that for a couple of chapters, then we start in with the flashback chapters
x Give Her Wings: Right.. I understand that, but I mean.. no one was really with each other at the beginning. Because when it first started, it was really only me and your two characters. And then a year later Pam and my other character enter..
living pho3nix: I think I just thunk became confused...
x Give Her Wings: lol
x Give Her Wings: confused with what?
living pho3nix: I don't remember your other character and pam's coming in so late
x Give Her Wings: they were born by COFAR, remember?
living pho3nix: yes
living pho3nix: but I didn't know when we were starting
x Give Her Wings: maybe we start with the pro.. which tells about how the world is in the 2130's.. and about the Shifters. Now we could stop it there, and have the comments be in the pro still.. with the actual capturing (like maybe for a few seconds Jexa and Ritsi actually met up but Jexa by chance left before Ritsi was captured).. but then Pam wouldn't have someone to play.. Unless maybe she plays someone randomly who's with Toka. And then the next chapter could be inside COFAR, when Pam's character and my other one have entered, and then there could be some interaction between those four. And then the next could be outside COFAR, with Jexa.. and Pam and I could play random forest animals.. or other Shifters that weren't caught but don't want to risk their necks like Jexa does...
living pho3nix: okay. I like that idea =D

List of all
Individual: Jexa
Individual: Moriko
Individual: Ritsi (birth-year incorrect)
Individual: Namiki (birth-year incorrect)
Individual: Toka


This code is for the banner, which should be put on before each chapter. =D
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Any changes done to the previous post, and adding of characters to the rp must be done by Friday night, the rp will start Saturday morning.

Joined in rp so far;

1. Posted by living_phoenix
Name: Jexa Pandin
Age: 17
Birthdate: June 1st, 2113
Height: 5 ft 4 in
Weight: 120 lbs
Appearance: Human -- short black hair, deep brown/black eyes, pale skin; Raven -- glossy black feathers, black beak and legs, and shining black eyes.
Personality: shifty and cautious, alert, loyal to close friends, but more of a loner.
Animal (to shapeshift into): Corvus Corax (Common Raven).
Background: Jexa's parents were the among the first to be captured by COFAR, and also among the first to be killed by the experiments. Lucky enough to have been overlooked, Jexa has taken it upon herself and anyone who joins her to destroy COFAR, once and for all.
Strengths: determined, objective
Weaknesses: reckless (at times),
Likes: flying, solitude, freedom
Dislikes: COFAR, captivity, being grounded (not as punishment, but being able to fly)
Other: picture unavailable

2. posted by ookami13
Name: Moriko (forest child)
Age: 8
Birthdate: Doesn’t remember
Height: 137.16 cm (4’6”)
Weight: 27 kg (60 lbs)
Animal (to shapeshift into): Wolf (Canis lupus)
Appearance: In her human form, Moriko’s a small, pale girl who wears a large red shirt that’s off one shoulder because of her thin frame and loose black pants. She doesn’t have any shoes because she prefers to be barefoot. She has long black hair and clear blue eyes, and because she’s so young and doesn’t have a deep handle on her shape-shifting, she has wolf ears (one black and one white) and black tail. In her wolf form, she’s black with white paws, blue eyes, and one white ear.
Personality: Moriko’s rather shy and prefers to keep to herself. She doesn’t speak a lot, and when she does, she says only a few words in a soft, timid voice. She’s usually seen clutching a dirty, falling apart rag doll, as though for comfort. If she doesn’t have the doll, she starts crying.
Background: Moriko had been born in the COFAR, and her mother was taken away from her when she was four. She has no recollection of her father.
Strengths: Loyal to people she cares for, trustworthy, able to keep secrets
Weaknesses: Timid, doesn’t know how to stand up for herself, quiet
Likes: Her doll, being quiet and by herself (in a group)
Dislikes: Talking, being completely alone (no people around)
Other: Color

3. posted by
Name: Ritsi
Age: 11 years
Birthdate: October 11, 2119
Height: 5'
Weight: 95 lbs
Appearance: Human Form: Ritsi has incredibly long black hair that is amazingly well-kept for it's length. She has brown eyes and a small build with virtually no curves or body shape what-so-ever. She likes to wear dark colors with bright, flashy accents and is usually always seen wearing a nice pair of shorts and a comfortable shirt. Animal Form: As a mustang, she has many of the simliar markings of one. She is buckskin in color (a paleish brown with black mane, tail and legs for those who aren't horse people) and has a black dorsal going down the middle of her back, stretching from her whithers to the start of her tail.
Personality: Ritsi has a lot of energy, and is always hyper-active and playful. This energy not only effects her but it also effects the people around her, usually cheering them up and giving them hope in tough situations. Ritsi gets along with just about everyone she meets but has only a few close friends that she would protect with her life even if she knew that they wouldn't return the favor.
Animal (to shapeshift into): Mustang (Equus caballus)
Background: Ritsi was with one of the groups that had been rounded up by a small group who was determined to sell the freaks on the black market. At that time she was a little under three years old and with her mother. Her mother, not wanting her daughter to be hurt hid her in some thick brush before she was taken away. However, not long after COFAR agents found her and captured her.
Strengths: Caring, protective, energetic, being a contagious ball of joy, trusts nearly anyone.
Weaknesses: A little to sensitive, prone to being taken advantage of
Likes: Running, being around people, having fun, family, friends
Dislikes: Being alone, being taken advantage of, COFAR, the slop COFAR feeds them.
Other: Black and White, Color, Buckskin, and Dorsal.

4. posted by x_soriku
Name: Namiki Arouta
Age: 9 years
Birthdate: January 1st, 2121
Height: 5' 2''
Weight: 50 lbs
Appearance: Human Form: Namiki has black hair with noticeable blonde highlights. His eyes greatly resemble that of a hawk, and he hates it when people look at him directly, because most people laugh at him. He has tan skin and a few freckles on his cheeks. Animal Form: In hawk form, Namiki has a black back and his belly and the underside of his tail is white. The feathers on his legs are brown. Unlike most hawks, Namiki has white speckles all over his black wings.
Personality: Namiki is incredibly secluded and hates the company of other people. Few can get into that small circle that he has for friends, and even less can tolerate his snarkish, cold attitude that he keeps up. On the inside, however, he craves for love and attention. The few people that he does let into his life, though he doesn't show it directly, he cares for very deeply, and would do anything for them. As long as they don't notice, that is.
Animal (to shapeshift into): Bicolored Hawk (Accipiter bicolor)
Background: Namiki, like Moriko, was born in the COFAR labs. He was created from on of the first breeding enhancer experiments, where COFAR scientists copulated with one of the women from the Shifters tribe, who died not soon after the birth of her son. The actual husband of the woman was furious and was killed when he attempted to murder the scientist who raped his wife. The COFAR scientists later disected and removed anything they could to experiment on from the two. Namiki was put up on display almost immediately after birth as one of the first enhanced Shifters. Because he suffered from malnutrition as a child, he has ever since been severly underweight.
Strengths: ability to fly from danger, high awareness of things around him
Weaknesses: being underweight, being pessimistic
Likes: Attention, secludedness, freedom, flying
Dislikes: Stupid attitudes, people, COFAR, his past, his present
Other: Bicolored Hawk, picture unavailable

5. Posted by living_phoenix
Name: Toka
Age: 40
Birthdate: May 5, 2090
Height: 5 ft 7 in
Weight: 160 lbs
Appearance: Human -- very short, light brown hair with a receding hairline, beady black eyes, olive skin; Tortoise -- high sloping carapace, rough green-grey skin
Personality: quiet, rather grumpy towards other people, with a "I'm an ornery old man" sort of attitude.
Animal (to shapeshift into): Geochelone elephantopus (Galapagos Tortoise)
Background: Though young by tortoise standards, Toka is of the sensibility that everything in life is bad, and nothing good will ever happen. This is only cemented when he is captured by COFAR, and in captivity he spends most of his time in his tortoise form, sleeping and cynical.
Strengths: not easily deluded, objective, really a softie underneath that hard exterior.
Weaknesses: cynical, pessimistic, grumpy
Likes: food, quiet, solitude
Dislikes: loudness, COFAR
Other: Tortoise, picture unavailable
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(no subject)

Well I guess that was fast, eh? Well, none of you know what's happened yet, I suppose. =P The community is now under new management. The admin has told me that she doesn't care what happens and that she doesn't really know what to do so she's leaving the community in my hands. And, if you know me, you also know that it irkes me beyond belief to be given more burden then I already have, so living_phoenix has graciously offered to help me mod the group.

First things first, I suppose. The first RP that the group will be doing is the one mentioned in the post previous to this one. As a reminder, I will post it again. Because, I guess you really don't need to read the other one if you haven't already.

RP Identification Number: 005
Genre: Fantasy
Quest/Theme: To escape from COFAR and find a place to live
Brief Summary: A rare species of humanoid shapeshifters was
discovered on an uncharted island not far from the mainland a few years back.
Their kind was captured and sold to companies to do as they please. Some did
experiments and tests, killing one after another, and other's put their prizes
on as display. That's what COFAR, Collectors of Freaks and Rarities, did. A
group of these humanoid shapeshifters has been in the hands of COFAR since they
were little, and they want out.

Next thing, I'd like everyone to post their chosen character in a comment to this post. Also, I'd like everyone to count off as the post. 1-6. If ever we reach six, please start the count again. The numbers will assist me in figuring out the posting order later. Anyway.. please put all character profiles in this style;

Animal (to shapeshift into):

* optional
** Please don't give their entire background, possibly brief. We already know that all these characters were born to the clans of shapeshifters.. Possibly just mention if they have family, where they were and what happened to them when they were captured.
*** Other can range from various fun-facts about the character that don't fit in anyplace else to links with pictures or something extra to do with your character.

So anyway. I suppose that's all we need to know. Oh yes! And please at the bottom of that layout, please write your number. So that means the first person to comment with a character is number one. The next person, no matter how many comments the first person has, is number 2. And so on. I don't think we'll get past three, honestly... but..
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Discussion time, perhaps?

Well.. we still haven't a confirmation about the chosen rp OR the rping format that we'll be using from the admin.. I was hoping that this thing could get started before people started getting off to school, but it doesn't seem likely. As Maine usually gets a later start then most places and we're starting up this coming Wednesday. Or at least, Bonny Eagle is. Not sure about other schools, but I would assume they all start at the same time.

At this point in time, the rp with the most "votes" (the list of rps that I've come up with, more from other members can be added, is here.) is;

RP Identification Number: 005
Genre: Fantasy
To escape from COFAR and find a place to live
Brief Summary: A rare species of humanoid shapeshifters was
discovered on an uncharted island not far from the mainland a few years back.
Their kind was captured and sold to companies to do as they please. Some did
experiments and tests, killing one after another, and other's put their prizes
on as display. That's what COFAR, Collectors of Freaks and Rarities, did. A
group of these humanoid shapeshifters has been in the hands of COFAR since they
were little, and they want out.

I'd really like to get some more input from the rest of the group (and possibly the admin) sometime soon, if that's possible? I know I haven't been around a lot and I'm sure other people have been busy too, but could we at least try and make an effort to keep this stuff going? Seems like no one cares very much, and I really don't want to keep having to do everything to keep this place going.

I thought I was just the person who made the layouts....
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Role Playing Ideas Discussion

Okay, so because I'm really really bored and want to write an OC RP with the same passion that my head shows for meh neck, I'm going to put up some possible RP ideas. Anyone can add some if they have ideas. =D

- Okay, this first idea is from the older community of fadingdaydream. It's this post, in case you don't remember. The characters will obviously be different though.

RP Identification Number: 001
Genre: Fantasy
Quest/Theme: To find the Lyre of Visions, for their leaders
Brief Plot/Summary: A war has broken out between the town/villages on Azana, and the only thing that can end the war is the Lyre of Visions. Each ruler wants it, so that they can claim the world for themselves. A few subjects from each territory are sent to retrieve the artifact, and they meet up.

- This one was inspired by a Setting generator on the seventh sanctum.

RP Identification Number: 002
Genre: Horror
Quest/Theme: To escape the Chaos Carnival.
Brief Summary: A mad man has slipped his way into the county carnival, and has threatened to kill everyone there. The carnival is in chaos, but there's only one way out, past the mad man himself.. no one can survive.

- This one came from the secret files of mwah.

RP Identification Number: 003
Genre: Um.. Sci-fi? Romance? Something....
Quest/Theme: love-against-all-odds
Brief Summary: A computer-created character is transported into the real world when a glitch happens in the game. It's tough when you fall in love with your creator, though. Can their love last?

- Another one from the secret files of meh...

RP Identification Number: 004
Genre: Adventure
Quest/Theme: To discover what really happened to the lost city of Atlantis
Brief Summary: There's a new kid in town, and they're wearing really funny clothes. They say they're from Atlantis, but that can't be true? That city was lost to history long ago. Could the technology that the citizens of Atlantis possessed have been so great that they could control time?

- Another from meh secret files.. no, really, I'm pulling most of these out of meh arse.

RP Identification Number: 005
Genre: Fantasy
Quest/Theme: To escape from COFAR and find a place to live
Brief Summary: A rare species of humanoid shapeshifters was discovered on an uncharted island not far from the mainland a few years back. Their kind was captured and sold to companies to do as they please. Some did experiments and tests, killing one after another, and other's put their prizes on as display. That's what COFAR, Collectors of Freaks and Rarities, did. A group of these humanoid shapeshifters has been in the hands of COFAR since they were little, and they want out.

- An idea that came out of no where, spawned from the mind of Ookami. lol

RP Identification Number: 006
Genre: Fantasy
Quest/Theme: love-that-conquers-all
Brief Summary: The princess is to wed the prince, but she doesn't love him. Instead, she loves a dragon, who is really a commoner, who had a spell cast upon him by a witch when he stumbled onto her land.
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Second Post

There was a fairly long discussion among the members of RedPenRP, in a chatroom in AIM, about how to Role Play on a journal. I must admit, I wasn't too sure how to do it either. We came to an agreement on what we were suppose to do. I guess we're just basically waiting for an approval by the admin, cause I'm only a co-mod and Virgo left us while we were discussing to go do something.

Anyway, I figured that I'd post up something so that if anyone else is confused they can maybe un-confuse themselves. lol.

Role Playing Format

First Post:
The first post will be a fairly well-written beginning/prologue of the basic storyline. For example, the first plotline has been chosen for the first OC RP of the community. One person (either randomly selected or offered to do it) will write the first post. Say that the RP is going to start with two girls and a boy walking down a dirt road, coming back from a party. The first post might read something like this;

"The sky was restless that night as a small group walked down a dirt-packed side road. Two girls, one blonde and the other a redhead, and one boy, a brunette with black sunglasses that never left his side, were on their way home from a party. It was only eleven o'clock as they trudged along. Nearly four hours before the party was expected to end. However, they had been forced to leave when a large group of stoners showed up, hoisting the biggest keg of beer they had ever seen onto a table...."

First Comment:
The first comment would be from the first person in the rp lineup*. It would be what they're character would do or how they would react in the situation. Let's pretend that I'm the first commenter and my character is the blonde-haired girl. The first comment might look something like this;

"The three teens were walking side by side down the road. The blonde, Nakami, was on the far left. She had a fairly sullen expression, as she hadn't wanted to leave the party so soon. She didn't want to leave her friends to walk home alone, so she joined them. "I hope no one drive's home all smashed like that," she said suddenly, breaking the silence that had held the teen for so long."

Second Comment and so on:
All comments after, unless clearly marked "OOC" or "Out Of Character", should be very similar to the first. Not in content, but in structure. Comments may be as long as you like, but please, try and keep them fairly small. We'd like to give other people room to expand, and not take up too much room. Plus, comments do have a limited word amount.

Second Post and so on:
Any post after the first is the start of a new chapter. Keep in mind, when starting a new post, the subject should be labeled as such. next chapter of)". All posts will be very much like the first; a beginning to the chapter, as the first post was the beginning to the first chapter. The posts can be made by any member, and the lineup will start over according to who begins it. However, a new chapter cannot be started unless everyone agrees. We don't want anyone to be left out or cut off.

*RP Line-up: The RP Line-up is something that is still in the process of development, I suppose. In order to give everyone a fair chance, a lineup will be made before every RP. Basically saying who goes first, second, third and so on. As an example, Virgo, Mochi-kun, and Myself want to do an rp. The beginning of the first post has already been written. Without the lineup, everyone can write the first comment. That means that there are three possible first comments, and three different ways the story could go. A little confusing if you ask me. Also, as an example, say the first post was finished and I wrote a first comment. Virgo and Mochi-kun might read it, and both post a comment. What happens if one of the comments contradicts the other? There's no way to choose who gets to keep their comment without offending the other. If there is a lineup, there is no chance of contradicting someone else accidently (If you do it on purpose, there's a good chance your comment will be deleted). Also, since we're all friends and know each other fairly well, it's not that difficult for one person to go to another requesting that they add something to their comment, if it's their turn.

That's about all I can think of at the moment. I think that's just about all we discussed. Perhaps Virgo could leave a comment or write another post after this explaining the rp method that she had, so that we can try both, or at least try to better understand it, as I'm still confused on how it works..

Anyway.. there should be a post sometime after this with some rp ideas, that we could choose from as our first rp as a community. Sound all right?
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First Post

Okay, this community is closed membership which means you need to have an invitation from either the Admin or a co-mod. Because this is the sister community to redpenwriters, only members who are on the aforementioned guild will be given invitations. To see if you have an invitation, and to accept/decline it, go here.

Edit(because eljay ate meh comment): I did leave an invitation for each person that is in redpen. If you've looked, and you don't seem to have an invitation, please leave a comment and I'll fix it immediately. And when I say leave a comment, I mean on redpenwriters lol.

The same rules that apply to redpenwriters, apply here. If you haven't see these rules, please check the redpenwriters info page. But since this is the first post of the community, I'll post them below for convenience purposes.

Collapse )

If you're coming here from the post that admin virgo186 put up in redpenwriters, then you already know what this sister community was made to do. It's a large OC RP community. No fandoms, please. This also means that any posts (after this one, with the exceptions made by admin or co-mods) that do not follow the themes or objectives of this community will be deleted. Posts that begin a community discussion of rp topics, ideas, etc are permitted, but please give a proper subject line. Ie; RP Idea Discussion.. Also, please don't introduce yourself here, that's what redpenwriters is there for. =D

I think that's all that needs to be said at this point in time. Also, what do you all think of the layout? I was trying something different and I think it looks okay. If people don't agree, I can easily take it down and fiddle with a new one.